Family-Friendly, Year-Round Gun Range

At SHOOTERS, you will be comfortable at our well-equipped shooting range with a clubhouse and all the necessities. Also available is a winter indoor 5-stand facility.


Our clubhouse gives plenty of room for you and your shooters to kick back and relax.

Indoor 5-Stand Facility

Our heated, indoor 5-stand facility was designed for the colder weather of Minnesota, especially during the winter. From the clubhouse, shooters can walk through a hallway towards the 5-stand room. This facility is covered from the snow and wind, making shooting sporting clays possible on those single-digit degree days when you wouldn’t want to be shooting outside in the elements. This offering includes:
  • Trap Shooting
  • 5- Stand
  • Sporting Clays
  • Other Clay Shooting Games
Our winter indoor 5- Stand is perfect for getting a jump on the spring high school trap season. Join our club or contact us to learn more about our offerings.
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