The Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club was founded by local shooters looking for a great outdoor gun range. We aim to provide a safe and user-friendly place for recreational shooting like Trap, Skeet, 5- Stand, Sporting clays, Sighting in Rifles, Recreational shooting, and Firearms safety.

Set in the natural terrain North of the Twin Cities, our beautiful shotgun range is open to the public from April through Mid-October. We have 6 Trap Fields, 2 Skeet Fields, a Five Stand layout, and a Sporting Clays Course. Our winter staple, Heated Five Stand, is available in the winter months after the first of the year.

Leading up to the Minnesota Deer seasons, our Rifle Range opens for Firearm Sight-In. Hunters come from all over the Twin Cities to shoot 25 – 400 yards before the Minnesota and Wisconsin Deer Hunting Season. For more information, click here.

In addition to our long-standing commitment to traditional shooting sports, we are incredibly excited about the strength of the action shooting community. We are proud to be home to many action shooting matches every year. Additionally, we host several shooting matches ranging in type and discipline each month from Spring to Fall. Check out our website’s Calendar for your favorite upcoming USPSA, 3 Gun, or 2 Gun match.

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