Established in May 1989 Wild Marsh Sporting Clays, Inc., located in Clear Lake MN, offers a variety of shooting activities for both the recreational and competitive shooter. There are four walk through sporting clays courses. Each course has 8 two trap presentation stations. We also have an ideal warm up station perfect for the brand new shooter or anyone looking to shoot a quick 25 targets.

The Wild Marsh 5-stand opened in 2003 and is the compact version of sporting clays with 5 shooting stations and 25 targets. It uses 6 Automatic traps with the stations positioned under a shooting shelter for all types of weather conditions.

The Pistol & Rifle Ranges also opened in 2003. Shelter (A) is our 25/40 yard range with 10 partitioned benches. Shelter (B) is the 12 yard Pistol Range with 8 partitioned shooting benches. Shelter (C) is the 50 yard Pistol/Rifle range with 10 partitioned shooting benches. Shelter (D) is the 100 yard High Powered Rifle Range with 10 shooting benches.

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